Akhil Daswani

COO & Co-Founder

OnCourse Vantage
Northwestern University (2010)

Alisha Mashruwala

CEO & Co-Founder

OnCourse Vantage

Harvard University (2011)

Abhishek Goyal

Director & Co-Founder

OnCourse Vantage

University of Virginia (2002)

Nitin Jain

Director & Co-Founder

OnCourse Vantage

JBIMS University (1996), SRCC (1994)

Neeraj Batra

Chairman & Co- Founder

OnCourse Vantage, STEP

IIM Ahmedabad (1984)


About STEP

STEP was founded by Neeraj Batra and Gunit Chadha. Neeraj Batra is a leading investment banker, educationist and serial entrepreneur. In his corporate career, he worked with leading names such as Bank of America, AMAS Group (London, Geneva) and the Hinduja Group. He turned entrepreneur in 2000 and has since founded Infinity Business School, Great Banyan Art Company & STEP.  Gunit is a Co-Chief Executive Officer of Asia Pacific and a Board Member at Deutsche Bank AG. He has nearly three decades of retail, corporate and investment banking experience in both the US and India. The entire focus of the STEP management team is to look at young entrepreneurs and start-ups where we can add the value of our experience. STEP provides early stage funding and act as accelerators to promising startups. They also help young businesses improve their management bandwidth and provide strategic input on financial structuring, branding and offer significant opportunities of networking.

To know more about STEP, visit www.startupequity.in
Our sister concern, Startup Equity Partners or STEP, is a boutique investment banking and consulting firm for startups and small and medium enterprises.  All YWLP Fellows get a chance to directly consult the STEP Team and an opportunity present their business plans for their consideration. Through STEP, they can enhance their network and connect with an entire ecosystem of Investment bankers, entrepreneurs and consultants.

The STEP Connection